RDTN Episode 236: Ignacy is BACK!!! Eleven, Dune House Secrets, Neuroshima Hex App, Unmatched Deadpool

00:00Game Toppers
01:10Vanessa Intro
04:51Ignacy is Confused
20:50Games Workshop New Miniatures
23:00Back to Banter
25:36COIN Games
31:50More Banter
32:40State of Portal Games
36:45Logistics at Portal
43:45Miniature Market
60:30Dune House Secrets
70:36Neuroshima Hex Digital
77:00Million Dollar Script
80:00The Rest of the Best
85:31youTube and Board Games
99:38Portal Games
103:20Unmatched Deadpool
109:34Video Game Rehash

You would think Ignacy after all of his previous appearances on the show would have taught him to just pre-record something and send it in to us. Why would you want to subject yourself to an hour plus of our shenanigans? And within the first 15 minutes, he begins to question it himself.

We get to hear about the plans for Portal over the coming months. Ignacy also talks about the challenges he is having with shipping and how the holiday seasons may become a challenge in getting product to the shelves. He even explains why just shifting printers is not that easy.

Plus, the problem with board gamers and YouTube. Why aren’t they watching?

Hope you enjoy the show and appreciate the support.

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