RDTN Episode 235: Merv, Castle Party, Sylvion, Snakesss, Bojangles Chicken Sandwich

00:00Game Toppers LLC
01:30Vanessa Intro
11:10Chicken Sandwich Taste Test
15:13Board and Dice Puzzle Box
22:40Contest Updates
24:50New Capstone Game: Boonlake
26:30No Thanks
28:29Castle Party
34:30Other Games while Vacationing
40:04Miniature Market
62:22Board Game News
70:35Portal Games
80:40Video Game Talk

Merv is a game that created some debate for the show. It is one of those debates of “How can you not really enjoy this?” Or, “You liked this, then you got to like that.” Sometimes the games we play do cause us to have differing opinions and not about rather if game is good or not, but about our own personal tastes in what we like about games. There is no doubt that the game is solid, but it is fun to see our different reactions and opinions. It is like we were not evening sitting at the same table when playing. But that happens and that is fine. Thank goodness there are opportunities to play it again.

Be sure to pay attention to the Miniature Market spot for a contest announcement, we kind of slipped that one in there.

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