RDTN Episode 234: Juicy Fruits, Subastral, Fast Sloths, Power Rangers Deck Builder, Mondrian Blocks

00:00Game Toppers LLC
01:14Vanessa Intro
03:10Fast Sloths
08:35Taste Test Time (Mt. Dew & Lemon Moon Pie)
14:26Great British Bakeoff
19:54New Coke Zero Flavor
20:51Earth, Wind & Fire – Our Top 3 Songs
27:25Free Comic Book Day and Manga
34:30Marty’s Vacation
39:37Restoration Games Press Release
41:48Spiel Awards
42:18Distilled KS – Ending Soon
44:12Miniature Market
46:47Power Rangers Deck Builder
53:17Juicy Fruits
77:24Portal Games
79:35Mondrian Blocks
83:55Ewin Racing Desk
87:56Switch – Mario Golf Super Rush
91:56Switch – Evolution Climate
95:20Keep Rolling Dice & Taking Names

You wouldn’t know it by the banter length, but yeah, it had been awhile since we talked last. Therefore, we had lots of news to share and our opinions on said news. We did start off with a game to get you hooked, but then did a Taste Test which included two of our favorite things, Mountain Dew and Moon Pies. If you like Pineapple and Lemon, then you might need to find yourself these two items and give them a try.

Some very good games covered in the show. The Power Rangers Deck Builder takes the basic core concept of deck building and adds to it by bringing in attachments and allies to your heroes/villains which helps you cull your deck but also makes for some important strategic decisions while playing. Juicy Fruits has a puzzle element in the game that makes it a strong solo challenge that you will be concentrating on while others take their turns. I think this is what needs to be pointed out, while there is competition to get the buildings on the main board, other players are not going to mess you up and keep you from getting resources. You will do that to yourself if you don’t plan well but also need to keep track of what others are doing.

Finally we get to the hit of the show: Subastral. If you played Stellar and enjoyed it, then this is going to be a no brainer for you. There is something satisfying to me about this game in how it challenges you to decide when to take cards into your hand, when to play them to your board and how to strategize on how to deny others from getting cards. Pinchback and Riddle have really built on this mechanic of playing to a certain area which dictates what you do next. Wonder if they have something else in the works?

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