RDTN Episode 231: Mandala Stones, Imperium, Mazescape, Unfathomable, Flesh & Blood

00:00Game Toppers
06:54Pepsi Peeps Taste Test
10:55FFG Arkham Horror Expansions
21:57After the Empire 4 Hour Event
25:48Vienna Connection
31:08Folded Space Empires of the North Insert
35:20Model Trains and TCR
39:11Southern Fried Gaming Expo
42:56Your Despicable
48:00Portal Games
49:14Clever Cubed
52:22Doodle Dungeon
1:15:10Flesh & Blood
1:22:08Mandala Stones
1:28:13Miniature Market
1:41:08Dad Jokes
1:51:20Ewin Racing Desks

Lots of game talk believe it or not. Imperium is a classic style of deck building with a strong engine building mechanic. In the games played, there was strong interaction and then there was solitary play. It all depends on the factions that are on the table. Mandala Stones is going to be a favorite light game for the table. However, there are some strategic moments in the game that you will need to consider to come out on top. Mazescape is a simple game that will be a hit or miss if you like the solo style games. At first, you might dismiss it, but if you like clever puzzle games, then it might be one to try. If you like games where you have to write on a pad of paper, definitely check out Doodle Dungeon. Lots of interaction and just a simple pleasure to get on the table.

Thanks for listening and all the Dad Jokes that were submitted. See you in two weeks.

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