RDTN Episode 228: Cryo, Hadrian’s Wall, Rocketmen, The Game Face to Face, Gentle Rain, Bohnanza, Taste Test

00:00Game Toppers LLC
06:51Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar
10:51Reading Comics and Marty rants
18:21Fantasy Realms Cursed Hordes
26:41Gentle Rain
42:12FFG LOTR CCG 10 Years old
44:13Thanks for BGG Votes
46:09Miniature Market
48:38Hadrian’s Wall
1:03:23The Game Face to Face
1:32:00Portal Games
1:34:00Outro –
Mountain Dew Frost Bite Zero

Sometime there is just no need to complicate things. Why should you try and true mechanics work. And that is what we have with the games in this episode

Cryo is a very easy to follow worker placement, engine building game that doesn’t try and makes the most of the concept of trying to save your crew before they perish when the sun goes down. It is a fast playing worker placement game

Hadrian’s Wall is not going to be a game where there is going to be interaction between players. You will be doing your thing and it is hard to keep track of what other players are doing. It might be tough to figure out who is ahead until the final round. But there is a feeling of accomplishment when you are able to combo move after move knowing that you have your engine working.

Vanessa is back on to help Marty explain The Game Face to Face, so just like you, can’t wait to hear this discussion. I will admit that I never got into The Game the first time, but very intrigue about a two player version.

Thanks for listening and all that voted for us in the BGG Golden Geeks this year, we really do appreciate the support.

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