RDTN Episode 225: 6th Annual Squirrelly Awards

00:37IntroMarty & Tony
05:43Let’s get this party startedDan King
09:40It’s in the CardsTantrum House
11:00Acceptance SpeechMatt Riddle
13:35You gonna paint thoseJoel Eddy
17:53No Quarter requiredBJ Rojas
23:01Pass the AdvilChaz Marler
29:10Go Do My Bidding David Waybright
33:00Miniature Market
Portal Games
Game Toppers
35:49This Game has Bling Christina & Robb Rouse
38:00Acceptance Speech Isaac Childres
41:26Just the Two of usDan & Chris
45:12Gimme More! Jon & Emily Detmer
46:43Acceptance SpeechIgnacy & Joanna Kijanka
50:32Publisher of the YearMarty & Tony
51:46Acceptance SpeechZev Shlasinger
53:03If I can’t play Strike Rodney Smith
57:56Better Late Than NeverLuke Otfinowski
1:01:23“It’s Alive!” Jamie Keagy
1:08:19All Y’all AwardDon Bagget
1:12:36Game of the Year – TonyCrystal & Ambie
1:17:54Game of the Year – MartyPaula Deming

It’s our 6th Annual Squirrelly Awards! We pick some of our favorite games from 2020 to present the coveted (haha) Squirrelly Award. Our friends from everywhere are coming in to help out. We are challenged this year with all the safety protocols that we must follow, but it will not keep us from having fun and recognizing some incredible games.

Thanks for listening

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