RDTN Episode 216: Beyond The Sun, Red Cathedral, New York Zoo, Blood Bowl, Little Red vs Beowulf

00:00 Intro
02:55 Mountain Dew Merry Mashup Taste Test
06:42 Reprimanded by a Mall Cop
12:45 Arkham Horror Live Play on Twitch
13:45 Blood Bowl Second Season First Impressions
24:30 Tony teaches Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth
27:30 Pillars of the Earth is back on the table
29:30 Marty’s family plays Hint
33:10 New York Zoo impressions
40:30 Monopoly Blind Box Tokens?
47:15 The Broken Token
49:20 The Red Cathedral
1:03:00 Portal Games
1:05:05 Beyond The Sun
1:20:15 Online Strike Tournament
1:21:45 Unmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs Beowulf
1:28:00 Tony modifies the rules for finding episode mistakes
1:30:55 Marty gets a Mesh Network thanks to a listener
1:36:50 Miniature Market

We have been playing a few games from Rio Grande lately and Beyond The Sun was probably we liked the most of the group. It involved a tech tree and that is something we always enjoy in a game. However, it doesn’t center on the tech tree, you have to utilize the explore and colonization of the planet board if you are going to win. There is a balance between how much technology you want to discover versus how much exploration you need to do. It is important that you pick the technologies that can benefit your strategy to win but don’t get bogged down over on that board. And the game is going to offer you replay ability because the tech trees will change every game even though the cards in the deck don’t. The planet board is visually pleasing but the tech board is band. However the cards are very easy to read and understand, a great plus for the game.

Then out of the blue comes a game that is another real thinker, Red Cathedral. If you enjoy rondel games and ones where you need to plan steps well in advance, then take a look at this game. Unfortunately, the planning must wait on other player’s turns, but you can have a good idea of the strategy you want to deploy on your turn. But you better have a other plans ready in order to get to your final objective. With new players, be sure they undersand the scoring at the end because that can be confusing.

There is a special episode that is being released this week, but it is short, we promise because there isn’t a bunch of time to edit.

Then we will release our last episode of the year with special opportunities at prizes and as always, the RDTN Survey will be available for you to tell us what we did wrong and what we might have done right. If you want to get a head start on it, here is a link

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