RDTN Episode 210: Honey Buzz, Cartographers Heroes, MTV Party Game, The Few & Cursed, Betrayal at House on the Hill

00:35 Intro
03:20 MTV: The Throwback Music Party Game
13:14 Betrayal at House on the Hill
19:40 Home Repair Sucks
23:56 The Few & Cursed
32:40 Cartographers Heroes
35:54 Portal Games
37:00 What is in the Bag
50:57 Miniature Market
52:16 Honey Buzz
1:13:08 Outro
1:22:37 The Broken Token

Two games took what we know about certain mechanics and meshed them together into a programming game that looking back, requires more planning than originally done. This game’s core idea of you get to do actions when you complete a honeycomb makes you have to really think ahead toward future moves. It is very deceptive in the play and easy to miss if not careful.

The second game, The Few & Cursed, changed up the deck building concepts for us. When you deck build, you look for getting cards that provide a synergy to your hand then unless unholy damage on the Cursed. Once again, a different mindset was needed.

Thanks for listening and come back in a week where the Daviau’s come and join us At The Table or whatever we are going to call the new segment.

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