RDTN Episode 207: Alma Mater, Small World of Warcraft, Detective Season One, Mariposas, Rome & Roll, Truffle Shuffle, Blinks

00:00 Intro
06:45 We are accountable
14:30 Blinks Electronic Game
19:35 Crokinole Discussion
25:32 Detective Season One
30:52 Rome & Roll
40:46 Miniature Market
42:22 Small World of Warcraft
57:46 The Broken Token
59:00 Alma Mater
1:15:50 I Fall to Pieces – The World Puzzle
1:23:50 Truffle Shuffle
1:31:00 Mariposas
1:45:50 Outro
1:47:45 Portal Games

Having been players of Warcraft, Marty and I looked forward to the reskin of Small World with the World of Warcraft theme. Marty was never a big fan of Small World and races and then they would change around the next time we played. So, will Small World of Warcraft be something different or more of the same. One thing was clear after our plays, we enjoyed the reskin for sure. If anything, it took us back to our days of playing the MMORPG and what we experienced. And if a game can create that, than congrats.

Alma Mater is one of those games where you hope the expectations that you have are not dashed against the rocks. It has the pedigree and we enjoy those games before it. The short of it, we will play it anytime. The economy in this game is the big selling point for me. Love how it adjusts and how the players seem to have a lot of control over it. Might be not as much as I imagine, but still, very enjoyable.

Detective Season One is a nice quick version of the award winning game Detective. Here is 90 minutes of a cooperative game that moves quickly and makes sure everyone is involved. Another example of a great way to reskin a game and make it accessible for everyone.

Appreciate the listen and hope you are still safe and healthy

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