RDTN Episode 206: Tekhenu, Pop-Tarts,Marvel Villainous, Yacht Rock,Last Defense, King & Assassins, Top 5 Card Games, Interview with David Thompson

00:00  Intro
11:36 King & Assassins
18:00 Marvel Villainous
25:35 Tekhenu
35:04 Portal Games
36:11 David Thompson – Sniper Elite
1:00:33 Rank’em
1:16:22 Yacht Rock
1:26:37 Pop-Tarts Game
1:38:38 Last Defense
1:51:50 Miniature Market
1:52:48 Top Five Collectible Card Games
2:22:43 Vampire The Masquerade Rivals
2:27:22 Ashes 1.5
2:31:01 Outro
2:33:54 The Broken Token

Another long episode. Good thing we are not playing a bunch of games or this would be six hours. We get a visit for David Thompson, a Squirrelly Award winner, and he talks about his new game on Kickstarter called Sniper Elite. So, if you are wondering about backing this game, give him a listen and bypass the rest of the show. However, if you thought about picking up the games Yacht Rock, Pop-tarts, or Last Defense, then Vanessa and Marty talk about their likes and dislikes.

Marty and I also talk about other games we played this past week, just hate it wasn’t together. I got to play Marvel Villainous with my wife and while it may not been her game, I really like where Ravensburger went with this series. Time to get some strategy on while keeping the simple core mechanics. Then Marty talks about two games he know I would enjoy, King & Assassins and Tekhenu. Both I hope to get to play very soon.

Heck, I hope to get to play them all in the future.

Finally, we discuss our top 5 collectible card games. Sadly, most our out of print or will be out of print soon. We need something new. Oh wait, that leads to the discussion of Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals and Ashes 1.5

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