RDTN Episode 200: Co-host Auditions, Ride the Rails, Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, Undaunted: North Africa, Wingspan

00:34      Intro
07:15      Food and Movies
10:18      Wingspan
15:08      And maybe we will not be gaming
16:57      A new Grumpy thing
20:17      Auditions for Co-host
50:21      Portal Games
51:31      Undaunted North Africa
1:04:15    Wingspan with Donna
1:17:10    Miniature Market
1:18:16    Ride the Rails and Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio
1:41:22    Outro
1:48:42    The Broken Token

Physical games were actually played for this episode. That is right, we gathered around a table and played to new train games. Ride the Rails from Capstone Games was first on the table. It was refreshing not to have to bid on stocks in a train game and concentrate on the network. But then, Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio rolled onto the table and we were back to stocks and building the network. Winner is the one with most points in both games. Both games took a little bit to get the fire stocked in the boiler and get the train out of the station. But isn’t that how it is with these games, got to see how the strategy will play out. The concepts are easy to grasp, but how to use them to your advantage just takes some time.

Tony and Donna talk about the Game of the Year, Wingspan. They finally get to play it and can see why it got the praise that it did. Artwork, table presence, ease of teach, and concepts were just top notch. Even the mother-in-laws enjoy the game and they are not use to these types of games.

And the love for the Undaunted series continues with the next installment, North Africa. Not sure what it is, but this series continues to be a favorite. It melds in enough strategy and the favorite mechanic of deck building which is why it seems to be hitting the table as often as it is.

A big thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate the 200th episode of Rolling Dice & Taking Names. We asked a ton of people to send in audition tapes to replace Tony as a way to close out that running gag and we appreciate all that took the time out of the schedule and sent one in.

Episode 201 is around the corner and we will be visited by Isaac Childres as he talks about his new game Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

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