RDTN Episode 199: Arkham Horror Dead of Night, City Builder, TTR Japan, Crossed Words, The Alpha

Time       Segment
1:33       Intro
4:43       The Daughter’s Boyfriend Visit
13:50      Lorenzo Victory Snatched
17:55      CMON Virtual Con – Guilds of Cadwallon
21:43      Time to Organize
25:55      Crossed Words
30:13      More Undaunted Normandy
31:06      Blood Rage Digital
40:04      Video Game Update
45:15      Miniature Market
46:48      City Builder: Ancient World
1:02:54    Ticket To Ride Japan
1:11:14    The Broken Token
1:12:45    Arkham Horror Dead of Night
1:41:32    Ewin Racing Chairs Promo Code: RDTN
1:45:15    The Alpha
1:55:10    Gen Con cancelled impacts
2:08:45    Origins Online with Marty and Jamie
2:11:39    Portal Games

Episode is full of family. Donna and Rebecca join Tony to discuss two games that they played while Rebecca was home for a little bit. Ticket to Ride is always a family favorite and it was good to try out the new Japan map. The Bullet Train and only 20 trains help speed up the game considerably and bring the Destination Ticket strategy to the forefront as Rebecca points out. The Alpha by Bicycle Games is what it advertises to be, a very light strategy and while the theme may seem not so family oriented with wolves hunting their prey, it really boils down to a an area control game with luck based on the results of the die.

Marty, Vanessa and her younger brother, Bob talk about the new expansion for Arkham Horror Dead of Night. Now when you get to Arkham lovers talking about one of their favorite games, they could go on and on and you can sense the enjoyment they had playing the latest expansion even though it was through Zoom. And a big thanks to Vanessa for not spoiling the adventure but once you play, sure she would love to talk to you about it.

On June 2, Inside Up is releasing a new Kickstarter for the game City Builder: Ancient World.  We got to play this on Tabletopia and were very impressed with it. Please be sure to check it out and even play online if you are not sure. So good

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