RDTN Episode 193: 5th Annual Squirrelly Awards

Time Segment
00:00 Introduction
07:10 Let’s Get This Party Started
09:58 It’s In The Cards
12:42 Need A #2 Pencil
16:55 You Gonna Paint Those?
18:54 No Quarter Required
19:49 Pass The Advil
25:36 Go Do My Bidding
30:53 Commercial Break
33:38 This Game Has Bling
39:20 Just The Two Of Us
42:38 Gimme More
45:56 Better Late Than Never
50:40 If I Can’t Play Strike
55:19 Necro Game
57:03 All Y’all
59:56 Publisher Of The Year
1:03:05 Marty’s Game Of The Year
1:06:25 Tony’s Game Of The Year

It’s our 5th Annual Squirrelly Awards! We pick some of our favorite games from 2019 to present the coveted (haha) Squirrelly Award. Our friends from all over the world are here to announce the awards with several designers and publishers coming up on stage to accept the award.

So grab an RC and Moon Pie and enjoy!

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