RDTN Episode 181: Marvel Champions, Pax Pamir, Eternal, Sorcerer, War Chest Expansion

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00:00:41   Intro
00:06:50   Glad They told Us which way was up
00:12:51   Game On Coin Sets
00:16:27   War Chest Nobility
00:24:24   Warhammer Underworlds Expansion
00:31:00   Miniature Market
00:32:26   Pax Pamir
00:38:53   Marvel Champions The Card Game
01:08:07   Portal Games
01:09:32   Sorcerer
01:16:33   Eternal Chronicles of the Throne
01:23:46   The Quick and the Undead
01:31:17   Outro
01:37:15   The Broken Token

Lots of card games were covered in this episode and that includes one of the biggest that will be coming out in the fourth quarter, Marvel Champions from Fantasy Flight Games. Marvel Champions is a coop living card game that pits players against a single villian who has a scheme that will create havoc for the hereos, or just simply rob a bank. A villian has to eat. If you enjoy Living Card Games, get your preorder in. One thing we state on the podcast that needs to be written is that the core set has everything you need to get you playing, unlike the previous LCGs where you had to buy additional copies of the core box to get additional copies of certain cards. Thank you Fantasy Flight for coming to your senses and including all we need in the core set.

War Chest Nobility expansion got an early play. Why is that game so enjoyable to play? Maybe it is the speed of play, the depth of strategy, or the constant battle of the hard decisions that you have to make. If War Chest is making it to the table, then go ahead and plan on this expansion because it gives you more decision points during your play.

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