RDTN Episode 173: Top 5 List, Imperial Settlers Roll & Write, Tiny Towns

We are breaking our format a bit in this Episode by doing something we haven’t really done in the past. We list our Top 5 Games that we would not get rid of. However, there is a rule that we have to abide by, it must be on our shelves in order to be in the list. The game can’t be at someone else’s house or we have played and really liked, but never owned a copy. We must have a physical copy of the game in our possession. Some of these are out of print, but some you can easily still get.

Vanessa comes back to the mic and she and Marty review the new Imperial Settlers RnW game. She is always a joy to have on the show. After my plays of the game, I will say the mechanic of needing actions and resources something that people may have some challenges with, but after a couple of rolls, they should get it.

Enjoy the Episode and in the next one, Marty is going to knock our socks off with his Greatest Hits from Origins.

Time, Segment
00:40, Intro
10:55, Miniature Market
11:50, Top 5 Games We Will Not Get Rid Of
30:50, Imperial Settlers Roll and Write
38:15,Portal Games
39:30,Tiny Towns
44:55,Game Designers Documentary
49:30,Outburst Game Table
54:25,The Broken Token

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