RDTN Episode 167: Call to Adventure, Crisis, Roll For The Galaxy:Rivalry, Camel Up, Istanbul App

We are jammed full of game discussions in this episode. We revisit Camel Up Second Edition with a surprise guest. We talk about a new favorite game of Marty’s Crisis. Then we break down a new quick filler called Village Pillage that Nate Bivins brought to the table. But that is the only surprise, Marty has some special guests on to talk about the expansion for Roll for the Galaxy Rivalry. And that is not all. We play the beautiful game Call to Adventure. Want to spend some time talking about this because this game, while simple to play, is about building a story. It is important to get behind the development of the story and understand how this will drive your gameplay. There are some strategic moments in the game that can be overlooked if not careful. Hope you get a chance to get this to the table.

Now that I have a Switch, we thought it would be good to discuss an implementation of a game on the Switch. We picked Istanbul as our first one to give this a try. We have done App discussions before, but this might be the start of a recurring segment on the show. That is if we can come up with a name for the segment.

Finally, thanks to everyone who voted for us over at Boardgamegeek for best Podcast in 2018. Finally voting is going on and regardless if we win or lose, we are honored to just be nominated. Thank you so much

1:35,Bookcase Mishap
5:40,GAMA News Review
9:52,Warhammer Chaosbane PC Game
11:10,Nintendo Switch
15:15,Flopping in Basketball
17:57,Village Pillage
22:52,The Broken Token
30:03,Istanbul App
42:55,Camel Up
48:09,Miniature Market
49:27,Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry
1:05:22,Call to Adventure
1:16:20,Dinos Not Assembled
1:17:25,Outro 2
1:20:55,Portal Games

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