RDTN Episode 165: Fourth Annual Squirrelly Awards

It is time for the 4th Annual Squirrelly Awards. These are our picks from 2018 that stood out during the year for us. Just like the previous three years, our friends were gracious enough to stop by and do the presentations and we were lucky to even have some designers and publishers in the audience to accept the awards. We want to thank everyone that was involved in this project and hope you appreciate it.

We return in two weeks to our regularly scheduled program.

05:16,Matt Evans,Okay that is neat
08:50,Dan & Chris,Let’s get this party started
12:34,Ella,Gimme More!
16:11,Tantrum House,It’s in the Cards
18:45,Mandi & Suz,Need a #2 Pencil
23:50,Cadril Edgarwolf,You gonna paint those
26:35,Board Game Blitz,It is New to Us
30:43,Man vs Meeple,Pass the Advil
34:21,Christian Kang,Go Do My Bidding
40:31,Blue Peg Pink Peg,This Game has Bling
44:00,Commercial Break,The Broken Token Portal Games Miniature Market
45:30,Danny & Derek,Just the two of us
50:00,Chaz Marler,We’re Tired of Waiting Award
56:10,Rob & Tina,If I can’t play Strike
1:00:20,Rodney Smith,Necro Game
1:05:23,Dan King,All Y’all Award
1:09:37,Jamie Keagy,Game of the Year – Tony
1:15:05,Shut Up & Sit Down,Game of the Year – Marty

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