RDTN Episode 163: Everdell, Stephen Buonocore, Tantrum House

We have guests on for this show and we get chatty with one guest. He is such a great friend to the show and it is hard keeping it short. Stephen Buonocore does a deep dive with us on what it takes for a game to get noticed in today’s market and have staying power. Think about it. How many times do we all hear about this great game that is out and within a month, crickets. We ask Stephen what does it take to make it last or how can Stronghold renew interest in games that have received the Squirrel treatment by game players. Stephen even talks about Stronghold’s catalog and how things in hindsight were a sure thing, were not that way at the start. And it would not be a visit without Stephen doing some pitching on the upcoming games, but we try and challenge him to tell us how is he going to keep the spotlight on them.

Marty and I also have been discussing the upcoming convention Tantrum Con in Spartanburg, SC. Well, why should we try and guess at what is happening when we can bring Tantrum House on to tell us about it. Sarah and Melissa join us and in RDTN fashion, we end up talking about more than just Tantrum Con. We are really looking forward to the convention except for the early morning drive.

And we would not be a board gaming podcast if we didn’t talk about a game. We got in the hot game from Gen Con called Everdell. This is a great worker placement, engine builder that has a unique twist where there are not defined rounds where everyone advances at the same time. But it goes back to our discussion with Stephen, do you still hear about this game, well you should. Very assessible game for people to get into.

Thanks for listening and we are about a month away from our annual award show The Squirrely’s. If you haven’t voted in the All Y’all Award, be sure to visit this link and cast your vote. Nominations will be closing soon.

Time, Segment
02:32,Rob Daviau in Town
03:35,Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr
08:35,Behind the Scenes: Font Sizes
13:20,Rulebook writing
14:52,Tony-proof the Internet
17:24,Expanding Musical Tastes
19:02,Snakes & Lattes in CLT
22:15,Miniature Market
24:30,Stephen Buonocore – Deep Dive Discussion
26:45, Stephen’s Mower of Choice
30:05,How does a game get noticed
37:08,Can you have Evergreen titles now?
42:40,We don’t constrain supply
45:00,Two Week shelf life?
51:40,Lightning in a Bottle
57:32,Stephen’s in Trouble
1:00:35,The Pitch
1:08:10,The Kickstarters that are coming
1:16:00, No Chocolate Bombs at Gen Con
1:18:25, Portal Games
1:24:25,Tantrum Con
1:48:32,The Broken Token

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