RDTN Episode 162: Too Many Bones-Undertow, Master of Wills, Kitchen Rush, GoT Expansion, Quiver

We are back from our break and ready to tackle another year of board gaming podcasting. Or as a listener pointed out to us, making background noise. We love comments like this because they truly keep us grounded and never take offense to them.

Anyway, in this episode we discuss our events over the holidays, do a Flying Squirrel segment, and give impressions of two games that made it to the table. Master of Wills by Stormcrest Games is a deck building card game that has a twist on winning the game. Your score is determined at the end of the eighth round based on the number of citizens you have on your side of the board. When you pick a Citizen card at the start of your turn, they will have abilities on them that will impact the game by allowing you to play special cards from your faction deck that you built prior to the start. There are different factions in the game allowing for increased replayability. This one is straight forward, but very tactical and made for fun games.

Too Many Bones: Undertow was the next beast on the table and it needs to come back. We had some false starts but once we got up and running, things went really well and enjoyable. I keep visiting Chip Theory’s website and keep reminding myself to hold off and maybe get a bundle at Gen Con. I want the additional characters and I look forward to getting this game on the table again. One thing we didn’t mention in the show that impressed me was how well written the encounter cards were, in my opinion. I said I wanted the flavor text to be read and I think that is the reason why. It is a costly game, but for what you get, I can understand the price point.

We also announce our winners for the celebration of our 6th anniversary. Thank you again for taking time to listen to the podcast and we are excited to bring you another year of background noise.

Time, Segment
00:33, Intro
04:42, Game of Thrones Expansion
10:15, Kitchen Rush
14:40,On the Road Again
17:35,Doughnut Shade
20:07,The Quiver
26:45, Thank You Pete
28:33,Vanessa’s Poem Reading
33:40, Portal Games
35:33,Flying Squirrels
36:15,App Games taking over
38:13,War of the Worlds Kickstarter
40:25,Tony’s Games at Christmas
42:29,Gama Drama
44:32,Railways of Portugal
46:33,Golden Globes
48:38,The Broken Token: Keyforge Tokens
50:14,Master of Wills
54:58,Too Many Bones:Undertow
01:08:25, The Winners
1:17:18,Miniature Market: The Drop

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