RDTN Episode 161: Pandemic-Fall of Rome, Black Orchestra, Scorpius Freighter

Time for a new year and we are trying to get things planned, at least for the first quarter. But to get the New Year started off right, we bring you three game discussions and a discussion about doughnuts.

One game we got to play was the new one from AEG called Scorpius Freighter. What makes this game different is the three action tracks. You have to advance around them to get things done, but each track is a game timer and when one of the tracks meets the requirement for game end, it is done. Very interesting mechanic and one making us wonder how we could have done it different. It is also one of those games that it ends and you just don’t believe you have enough time to get it all done. You must be efficient, or so it seems.

Marty got to play the new Pandemic: Fall of Rome and I got in Black Orchestra. Both coop games and based on our discussion with each other, we both want to get together and play them again. I really did enjoy Black Orchestra and hope to get my wife to try it since she is a big coop game fan. I can easily understand why this is in the top on many people’s lists.

Happy New Year and hope 2019 is starting off in good fashion for you.
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Time, Segment
00:31, Intro
02:57, Krispy Kreme
07:28, Fitness Challenge
11:25,Sad News
13:33,Spiderman Movie
22:10,Wrap it Up
24:41,The Broken Token
25:50,RDTN Survey
40:00,Miniature Market
40:58,Scorpius Freighter
47:57,Pandemic:Fall of Rome ~~Black Orchestra
1:13:52,Tantrum Con
1:17:02,Portal Games

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