RDTN Episode 159: Brass, Newton, BGG Con

BGG Con has come and gone and Marty was there and he relives his adventures, including raiding a mini-bar and squatting in an area that was not meant for them. And when they found out they should not be there, what do you think they did? Well, I was surprised by the answer. The list of games played in Dallas included: Cerebria, Keyforge, Just One, Underwater Cities, Cryptid, Railroad Ink, Shadows: Amsterdam, The Estates and Time’s Up! (Eric Lang’s rules). If all the games, that is the one I hate I missed because it sounded like a blast and second, I always enjoy playing Time’s Up.

Brass gets a full blown discussion because it deserves it. For me, Tony, there is a love/hate relationship going on with this game. It is a game that I know I can play better and should play better, but it is eluding me. It is a game that is simple to play that I know I can get others to play, but the subtilties might get loss which could ruin the play . You need to play this game and see how it strikes you. See if this game would be one to replace a network building game like Terra Mystica, Railways of the World, or even Ticket to Ride. Yeah, would this game be a next step game from Ticket to Ride or is it too much?

Newton was the follow up to one of our favorite games, Lorenzo il Magnefico. Cards on the table here, we had a rough start with this one. We confused ourselves with one of the actions which might have tainted our play a bit. Once we got past this confusion, we started getting into it, but it was over before we knew it. You could see everyone strategizing their turns and trying to maximize the round so they could get the most out of it. Some very NEAT mechanics in this game. Before you start playing, make sure you understand the iconography in the game and everyone understands the tableau in front of them. Once you have those explained, go for it.

Remember “A Good Game is a Good Puzzle”

BGG Con 2018,2:20
Railroad Ink,9:56
Just One,11:52
Shadows: Amsterdam, 15:37
The Mind,16:12
Time’s Up,16:36
Underwater Cities,28:35
Warhammer Citadel,34:26
BGG Con in Summary,38:00
The Broken Token,39:26
Portal Games,1:00:45
Stan Lee,1:18:37
Atlantis Rising KS,1:22:17
Survey for RDTN,1:23:55
Outro, 1:25:00
Miniature Market,1:27:00

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