RDTN Episode 156: Igancy, Monolith Arena, Imperial Settlers Amazons


Back to the regularly scheduled show…

Ignacy is here! We love having him on. Not only is he a great designer, but he is funny, and he has some incredible stories to share. If you have some time and want to waste it, go back and listen to previous episodes with Ignacy. You can tell how his command of the English language changes and just how much we digress. It is so sad. We get to talk about his hot game Detective and what is in store for it in the future. We explore his new Essen releases Monolith Arena and Imperial Settlers: Amazons. We go to some dark places and we find out that being a famous designer is not always a great thing.

We also got to play an early release of Monolith Arena and it did not disappoint. I really enjoy when a game meets my expectations. I had hopes that this game would give me the satisfaction Neuroshima Hex and with the monolith, add a layer of strategy and depth that I didn’t realize at first was missing. The game did just that. This is another game that is perfect for that time when you have under an hour to play a game. It is quick to setup and fast to play, once you know the icons.

As always, thanks for listening and please let us know your comments or thoughts.

Intro, 00:40
Another Delivery,2:05
Ignacy, 06:45
Volleyball Games, 07:39
Ignacy’s Lawnmower,10:56
It gets dark,11:40
It is an Ark,14:35
Detective Talk,15:29
Life of a Designer,24:15
Moving On,27:53
Monolith Arena, 28:31
Imperial Settlers: Amazons,42:41
Playmats at Portal,46:24
Back to Amazons,48:17
Fonts again,50:00
More Expansions,51:00
Back to Expansions,53:10
Portal Con 20th Anniversary,57:43
Portal Merchandise, 1:02:38
The Broken Token,1:06:32
Monolith Arena First Thoughts,1:07:08
Portal Games,1:27:57
Miniature Market,1:32:51

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