RDTN Episode 154: War Chest, Criss Cross, Warhammer:Nightvault, Toy Hall of Fame

Episode 154 has an extended discussion on the new game from AEG called War Chest. We really enjoy abstract games and this one was no exception. The rules are straight forward, the production top notch, and the strategy is where the game really stands out. It is not going to be Chess deep and it might play a bit fast for some players, but for me, it stays on the table the right time. It is a beast to carry around, but it would be the type of game you could play while waiting for others to finish up a game. Better yet, this game really lends itself to tournaments in structure and style of play. This might be a good side project for Marty to do at our local game store.

We mention a few other games that we got to play, but haven’t played together or enough to do a Five Minute Initiative on, so they ended up in the Flying Squirrel segments. Other good chunk of the show was spent talking about the Finalists for The Strong Toy Hall of Fame. Nothing like saying you are old when toys you played with as a kid show up on the list for being inducted into

the Hall of Fame. Then again, you know you are getting older when baseball and football players are getting inducted into their respective Hall of Fames. Tell us who you think should be inducted in our BGG guild, there is a survey running as we speak.

Thanks again for listening and just a heads up, we have back to back episodes in the coming weeks, so don’t think your Podcast software is broke. And also, here is a link if you are interested in helping out the Hurricane Florence victims in the Carolinas.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:43
Fast Food Disappointment, 2:50
Hurricane Florence,6:57
Instagram Takeover,10:12
Tony’s Trip,12:20
Thanks to David Waybright,16:24
Flying Squirrels,18:18
Asmodee Digital on Nintendo Switch,19:02
Criss Cross by Grail Games,20:49
Warhammer: Nightvault, 22:42
Lawnmower Update,24:32
Wizards selling on Amazon,26:58
The Broken Token,30:56
War Chest Discussion,32:36
Portal Games, 47:15
Toy Hall of Fame,49:12
Movie Draft Rehash,1:07:55
Miniature Market,1:13:24

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