RDTN Episode 151: Villainous, Keyforge and Age of Sigmar Champions Discussion

One of the hot games coming out of Gen Con was Villainous by Wonder Forge. Demo table was always full, showed out all copies, which would make you think that this would be a hard game to get. Nope, you can pick it up at Target along with many other titles that Target is carrying exclusively. But wait, I say it should be easy to get, but all the stores around me have it sold out, not sure in your neck of the woods. If you are in the same situation, according to the Target website, the game can be shipped to your local store within four to seven days for free pickup. There you go, you can still get the game, just have to wait a bit. Don’t be expecting deep gameplay here, but this game might surprise you.

We also discuss the pros and cons of Keyforge and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Champions and why one is beating out the other for us. We also bring the Flying Squirrel segment back to the show and discuss a topic that will need some input from the audience, what comics should we be reading right now?

Thanks for listening and be sure to join our BGG guild if you haven’t already.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:36
Sweet Spot Discussion, 4:05
The Song and Magic the Gathering, 12:00
Flying Squirrels,17:38
Hobby Game Sales,18:35
Doc’s Basement Comics,20:27
Changing of the Guard,22:38
Draft Mechanic Meetup,24:27
Discover Lands Unknown,26:38
Not worth what you think,28:45
Target the next Game Store,30:30
5 Min: Villainous,32:34
Miniature Market,37:55
Keyforge vs Age of Sigmar Champions,39:04
Portal Games,1:03:10
The Broken Token,1:05:45

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