RDTN Episode 136: Hunt for the Ring, Heaven & Ale, Muse, Finished!, and Lotus

One of the first games that I introduced my family and friends to was Nuns on the Run. One of the draws of that game is the number of people that can play this hidden movement game. But, one of the biggest faults of the game is the Line of Sight where you have to constantly check and ask “Can I see you, can I hear you”. So it was refreshing to get to play Hunt for the Ring without having to constantly check on these types of conditions. While the player count was lacking, there were Nine Ringwraiths, this can be forgiven for the lack of line of sight checks and the use of dice to activate powers. Also on the table for this episode is the very deceptive game Heaven & Ale. This game has simply mechanics to teach but some very tough decisions to make during gameplay. The game has many pros but there are cons as well such as AP and complicated scoring at the end until you have played the game and seen it in action. However, this game will get you thinking.

We also talk about two more games and one app in our new segment, In a Nutshell. This segment is where we talk about games that we got to play and something we hope you get to try. And the Flying Squirrels are back and our predictions for 2018.

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Segment, Time
Intro, 00:35
Out the Gate: Rant, 1:00
The New Gaia Project Box, 3:15
Why The Battle of Evermore,6:05
Star Wars: The Last Jedi, 8:50
Internet Again, 11:10
Heaven & Ale,13:20
Flying Squirrels, 24:27
Stretch Armstrong,24:55
Netflix:Toys that Made Us,26:45
WoTC Background Checks,28:50
Great Western Trail,30:54
Vacation Plans,32:36
Movie Revenues,34:25
The Broken Token, 36:26
In a Nutshell, 37:31
Muse, 37:45
Finished!, 39:01
Lotus the App, 41:17
Hunt for the Ring,43:35
Predictions of 2017,50:35
Predictions for 2018,54:05
Podpledge for 2018,1:02:50
Funagain, 1:09:55

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