RDTN Episode 133: Whistle Stop, Battle for Rokugan, and PAX Unplugged 2017

Whistle Stop by Bezier Games has given gamers another train game that incorporates tile laying, resource collecting, and set collection, all the things that scratch that itch in a game for us. But does it deserve a place on the shelf, hang around for 5 minutes and you will have your answer. The Scurry Reporters are back and they give us their thoughts on the newest game from Fantasy Flight, Battle for Rokugan. And we get to hear all about PAX Unplugged from Marty as he tells us about the adventures in Philly. Wish the same rule applies for Philly as it does for Vegas.

Be sure to check back with us in two weeks for our 5th year anniversary. Many announcements and we determine if we are compatible or not by playing the game, Fog of Love.

Intro, 00:37
More on Apple Pie,4:52
What is on Deck,6:25
Blue Peg Pink Peg Plug, 8:30
PAX Unplugged 2017, 9:25
Food at Pax, 14:27
What else can you do in Philly,15:15
How were the crowds,16:55
Alien Artifacts Demo, 19:15
Catan VR,21:50
Fog of Love Tease,24:18
Whistle Stop Review, 26:40
The Broken Token,32:05
Scurry Report: Battle for Rokugan,32:52
Portal Games,1:04:30
Waffle House, 1:05:35
Codenames: Marvel, 1:07:20
Justice League, 1:09:33
Hunt for the Ring,1:13:15
RDTN Under Construction, 1:16:31
Outro, 1:19:15
Funagain, 1:20:48

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