RDTN Episode 132: Bastion, Sidereal Confluence, Necromunda, Fate of the Elder Gods, and Samurai Gardener

After playing Gentes, we thought all the goodness had come and gone for the year. But no, we are here to tell you that once again, we get blindsided by two games: Bastion and Sidereal Confluence. When will the madness end? How are we going to narrow down our selections for the Squirrely Awards? And on top of that, Marty goes to Pax Unplugged and I am sure he has more to add to the pile.

Bastion is a coop game from Z-Man that was out in 2015 and they have made it available for all to consume. We saw this at Gen Con and we were intrigued by this simple tower defense game. What seemed to be a straight forward coop game turned into a strategy game that caught us off guard. It went from go defeat this guy to now, wait, you need to do this, so I can do that and then he can do that because if you don’t then this will happen and then this chain occurs and so forth and so on. Give this one a try if you like coop games.

Then the Excel spreadsheet game hit the table, Sidereal Confluence and man did it have us scratching our head and in the dark, but not in a bad way. It had player interaction, engine building, multiple strategies and depth, so much depth that we can’t wait to get this back on the table again. Will have to say if it wasn’t for the trading, this game would have floundered a bit, but with the trading, it took it up so many levels. In an engine builder, if your plan comes together, even if you don’t win, there is still satisfaction and that is what happened here. For those that enjoy these types of games don’t miss it.

But not everything was rosy on the table and we discuss that as well. And also, special guests come on the show as Marty heads to Pax Unplugged and has a slumber party with some people you may already know. Listen to these familiar voices talk about Necromunda.

Thanks for listening and all the support.

[table colalign=”left|center”]
Segment, Time
Intro, 0:35
Big Box Store Concerns, 8:35
Sidereal Confluence, 13:55
Samurai Gardener, 25:15
Tony Whines, 29:00
Cinnamon Bun Apple Pie, 30:10
5 Minute Initiative: Bastion, 32:30
The Broken Token, 37:45
Necromunda, 38:37
Necromunda Lore, 45:00
Shadow War Vs Necromunda, 46:45
Necromunda Underhive Core Set, 49:10
Necromunda Rules, 54:20
Necromunda Gang War, 59:00
Combat Example, 1:00:45
Campaign, 1:04:00
Bottling Out, 1:07:00
Necromunda vs 40k, 1:11:00
If Necromunda for you?, 1:15:40
Portal Games, 1:25:15
5 Minute Initiative: Fate of the Elder Gods,1:26:15
Outro, 1:31:10
Funagain, 1:41:00

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