RDTN Episode 130: Richard the Lionheart, Sundae Split, Alien Artifacts and Ted Alspach

We are back and we have tricked another designer to come on to the show. Ted Alspach joins us and talks about the follow-up to Castles of Mad King Ludwig, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig. To answer the question right away, yes, they are different games and you need to hear what Ted says about it to determine if you will consider giving it a spin when it comes out next year.

And what would a show be without a few game discussions. CMON’s Richard the Lionheart was on the table and will be back, it was a fun game. Alien Artifacts was played and needs another few or ten plays to get down to the nuts and bolts of this engine. And then there was the filler from our pal Nate Bivens, the up and coming designer, with his first release Sundae Split.

Plus another contest to celebrate 10K in Twitter Followers.

Secret Cabal Halloween Special,2:10
Alien Artifacts, 4:00
Master of Orion, 10:35
News Break 1, 13:00
Lisboa, 14:20
News Break 2: Contest, 19:45
Star Cartel,22:15
News Break 3, 25:45
Richard the Lionheart, 27:15
The Broken Token, 32:00
Ted Alspach, 32:50
Palace of Mad King Ludwig,41:50
Werewolf Legacy,54:35
Rank’em with Ted,1:01:30
Portal Games, 1:13:05
Sundae Split,1:14:00
Outbreak RPG, 1:20:15
Game Toppers, 1:22:20
Rant, 1:23:45
Funagain, 1:28:40

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