RDTN Episode 129: London, Azul, Flying Squirrels, and Rambling

I am back and ready to get back in the rut of life. You know, play a game, talk about a game, play a game, discuss food, and so on. It is good to be back and to put two different games on the table. Plan B Games showed us Azul at Gen Con and said to keep it hush hush. Well, we did but now we can tell you about it in a 5 Minute Initiative. Then, Osprey Games was kind enough to let us try out the re-implementation of Martin Wallace’s London. This is going to take multiple plays in order to fully appreciate this game. There are so many different aspects of this game that we couldn’t contain it in 5 minutes. Either way, we hope you get the opportunity to give this one a try.
Segment, Time
Intro, 00:30
Codenames: Duet, 13:10
Restoration Games Contest, 14:50
Drama on Vacation,18:53
PAX Unplugged, 21:55
Gaming is growing, 23:24
Stroopwafles, 25:46
SNES Classic,27:31
Brave New World,29:30
TRU is Bankrupt, 31:30
Grey Fox Customer Service,33:16
L5R RPG, 35:20
2018 Vacation, 37:10
The Broken Token, 39:05
London, 39:51
Portal Games, 57:35
Azul, 58:33
Dream On by CMON,1:04:55
No Gift for You,1:11:00
RWBY Combat,1:12:00
What is that on your face, 1:14:38
Funagain, 1:17:21

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