RDTN Episode 127: Interview Ignacy about Portal’s Alien Artifacts, Review Nmbr 9, Dragonfire, Hafid’s Grand Bazaar

It’s a been while, but we are excited to have Portal Games founder and game designer, Ignacy Trzewiczek, back on the show to tell us about the upcoming game Alien Artifacts. Plus he gives some insight on other titles that his company is working on.

We also talk about our first experiences with Dragonfire from Catalyst Game Labs and Hafid’s Grand Bazaar from Rather Dashing Games. And if that wasn’t enough we cover Nmbr 9 from Z-Man Games in a 5 Minute Initiative.

Segment, Time
Intro, 0:35
Dragonfire, 3:00
Mint Delivery, 12:45
Hafid’s Grand Bazaar, 15:08
Stroopwafel, 24:05
Play Like A Pirate Day, 28:15
Portal Games, 30:55
Ignacy Interview, 31:30
Reception of First Martians, 43:00
Alien Artifacts, 49:35
PayPal Horror Story, 1:00:35
Stronghold Expansion, 1:05:35
Ignacy’s Current Workload, 1:08:15
Who looked better in the squirrel onsie?, 1:11:05
Upcoming Portal Games, 1:11:55
Gen Con Cookie Story, 1:16:20
The Broken Token, 1:22:00
5 Minute Initiative: Nmbr 9, 1:22:40
Outro, 1:27:55
Necromunda and Company of Iron, 1:31:20
Tony Preps for RPGs, 1:32:55
FunAgain Games, 1:35:00

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