RDTN Episode 125: Clank! in Space, Terraforming Mars Expansion, and The Climbers

Surprise, surprise, surprise. That is right Renegade Studios is releasing Clank! in Space at Gen Con. Talk about keeping things under wraps and making a huge a splash, Renegade might have done it. If you like Clank and you like space themes, give this game a try. It builds on the mechanics of Clank!: The Deck-Building Adventure and adds some solid additions. One of those additions is the factions on cards where if cards from the same faction are played on a turn, their special abilities trigger. This is a solid component that it really can add strategy to the market as you look at what to buy during your turn. Was looking forward to seeing Thunderstone Quest at Gen Con, but this might still a little of that thunder in the deck building world.

The Climbers was released in 2008 and is being brought back to us gamers by Simply Complex which is part of Capstone Games in 2017. This is an easy to play game with a ton of strategy that even creates moments of take that. As you play the game, it is so cool to watch the tower grow and see it morph into a skyscraper. However, there are cases where players can almost be eliminated and thus not be fun for those left on the lower portions of the tower. This is one of those games that maybe for the older gamers, it will be a nice one to break out periodically, but this definitely has the staying power with younger gamers.

Gen Con is this week and we are very excited to be attending and for the first time, together. Hard to imagine, but Marty and I have never attended Gen Con at the same time. Last time that I was in attendance was in 2012, so I know I am in for a shock to the system. I joked during the show about being confused and lost, but how can you not be? This is a huge show and there will be so much to take in. If you can’t make it to Gen Con, be sure to take part in Gencant which is now in its third year and headed up by our incredible friend @425Suzanne.

If you are lucky enough to be attending, here is our schedule:

Day, Event, Time
Thursday, The Summit Charity Event, 21:00
Friday, Portal Booth, 16:00
Friday, RDTN Meetup Omni Bar, 19:00
Saturday, Dice Tower Booth, 11:00
Saturday, Passport Games, 13:00
Saturday, Secret Cabal Meetup, 19:00

Thanks for listening and look forward to our next show where we data burst our thoughts on Gen Con.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:36
Moving, 1:15
Gen Con Game Preview, 6:10
Game Toppers, 13:10
Secret Cabal Meetup, 15:35
RDTN Meetup, 17:00
Expletive, 17:45
Save a Gamer, 19:05
The Summit Charity Event, 21:50
Squirrels, 25:01
Clank! in Space, 27:20
Portal Games, 37:43
The Climbers, 38:51
Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium, 44:22
The Broken Token, 50:56
Mega Moosecon, 52:05
The Front Porch, 58:25
Outro, 1:01:31
Funagain, 1:03:30

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