RDTN Episode 124: Summit – The Board Game, Skyward, Isaac Vega, and The Scurry Report

Episode of epic proportions is upon us. Isaac Vega returns to the show after being sent away to an island to contemplate what is next for Plaid Hat Games. In this interview, Isaac talks about the future of Ashes and the new game Crystal Clans. While no dates are given, it is always nice to hear that things are still in the works. There might even be some nuggets on Mice and Mystics thrown into this interview.

We give the new game Skyward from Passport Games the five minute treatment. This is a fast game with a unique twist to the card drafting mechanic. Instead of players picking their cards one at a time, the dealer determines the distribution by placing them in piles equal to the number of players. They must be very careful in their distribution for while they control what cards go where, they get the last pick of the pile. There is strategy involved in the process and thus could cause the game to slow down, but not to the point of being painful.

Flying Squirrels return to the show as we have some quick topics to discuss and a new segment called The Scurry Report. This segment is where we are joined by other members of our gaming community and we talk about a recent game that we played. Hopefully, there will also be some moments that we can pick on one another.

Another contest, so be sure to see our post with the entry form on our website. Thanks for listening.
Gen Con, 1:10
Dice Tower Booth, 3:57
Passport Games, 4:56
Other Business, 7:12
Passport Games: Skyward, 10:41
Portal Games, 16:10
Flying Squirrels, 17:02
Hobby Games making Bank, 17:42
Expansions in the Base, 19:18
Raxxon, 21:18
MAPP Violations, 23:18
Sweet Revenge, 25:14
Isaac Vega, 27:15
The Broken Token, 53:10
Intro to The Scurry Report, 54:00
The Scurry Report: Summit-The Board Game, 55:18
Watch It Played Fundraiser, 1:22:10
Contest, 1:24:26
Funagain Games, 1:28:56

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