Episode 8 – Lets Go Clubbin’

In Episode 8, Marty and I invited to the show the founder and leader of The Queen City Gaming Club, Alex. We had always planned to bring Alex on the show for without his commitment to get this club going, Marty and I may not have discovered some of the games we have grown to love nor discovered this incredible community of gamers that goes beyond those playing trading card games.

But what makes this show even more appropriate this week is that Saturday, March 30 is International Tabletop Day. So with this day getting so much notice, you might be able to actually get a game club going and we hope this show can give you some advice and things to avoid as you get started.

  • The first segment is all about the history of the club and what it takes to get going (2:16)
  • We then talk about some of the tough decisions you have to make (21:17)
  • Finally, we discuss the future of our club and how community service is becoming part of the club (38:00)
  • International Tabletop Day (01:01:30)
As I listened to the finally version of the show, which Marty went beyond the call of editing, I did walk away with a few key items that I will go ahead and share:
  • Use Meetup as your means to get it started
  • Expect drama because we are people, but deal with it when it happens
  • You need to be willing to ask for volunteers and be willing to take it when given
  • This is a club for social enjoyment, not a club to make money.
Enjoy the show

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