Episode 35: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

mlponyIt has been a few months in coming, but it is finally here, our episode on two player games. We talk about two new games, one is Diskwars from Fantasy Flight and the other is from Entroplay. What game from Entroplay is it? Can you guess what it is? Need a hint, take a look at the picture and see if you can figure out. Also, we failed to mention that in our Two Player History of games, we did do Magic and the reason we didn’t stick with it, we felt we were so far behind in the game, it was not worth trying to get into it. We have also tried it many times over the years, but we just never commit to it due to the CCG element.

Netrunner Tournament Results, 2:00
Mice & Dice Play Nice, 4:30
Battlestar Galatica, 7:15
Euphoria, 10:15
Warhammer:Diskwars, 18:00
My Little Pony, 28:20
At The Table (Best Two Player Games), 45:30
Our History with Two Player Games, 54:30
Future Two Player Games of Interest, 1:06:30
Outro, 1:09:45

Thanks for listening and sorry for some of the words missing. I have swapped computers and for some odd reason, the recording would drop a word here and there. I hope to have it fixed before the next show.

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