Episode 31: Where Dragons Rule

Draco Magi
Draco Magi Cover

We are very excited to get this episode out because we had the opportunity to talk with Robert Burke and Richard Launius about their upcoming collaboration Draco Magi. This is a game you have heard Marty and I talk about on previous shows. It is a card game that has incredible artwork (see below) and strategic play. The game is out on Kickstarter now and will have a price point of $15 for USA residents. I am a backer without any hesitation and was #4, I think.

We also discuss Marty’s experience at SCARAB and my recent failure at teaching Robinson Crusoe

red dragon

Segment, Time
Intro, 03:00
Draco Magi Interview, 08:30
Draco Magi Thoughts, 34:30
SCARAB, 39:20
Robinson Crusoe, 50:18
Tiny Epic Kingdoms, 57:30
Otters, 01:04:30
Outro, 01:06:00

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