Episode 25: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

They’re here…

This is our Halloween episode and we have the ladies returning to the show. I am not saying that their return is scary or the segment will give you nightmares, but the episode was released near Halloween thus it is our Halloween show. I am also not hinting that the title of the show is any reflection on marriage, just thought it would fit with the time of year, that is all. Now that those clarifications are out of the way, let’s talk about the show.

MACE Convention activities, find out how to play Nothing Personal and Eldritch Horror is discussed. Casey and Vanessa (first appearance in Episode 11) give their thoughts on how to get your significant other involved in gaming and really do give some great advice. Marty and I discuss for our own benefit what is Spiel, Essen and the Spiel des jahres and the games we have looked into that will be at the show. We also have our Halloween ‘At The Table’ and the results from our request for you to send in your answers. Finally, if you haven’t seen the post over at BGG, we got a new contest running, but it ends 10/25 @ 7pm, so act fast if you are interested in the prize.

A bit of whinning 2:20
MACE Convention 10:30
The Ladies 20:00
Back to the us 48:30
At the Table (Halloween) 53:15
Essen 57:30
RDTN Contest 01:13:30

Enjoy the show!

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