Episode 23: Eww that smell

Yes, we promised not to use song titles awhile ago, but this one just fit. In this episode, we do one final batch of Gencon 2013 interviews. We still have a few left, but those will be spread out over the year. One of the big items in this episode is the chance to win $2000 at Square Shooters, the guys that brought you the dice that have the playing card suits on them. Be sure to listen to that as well as head over to their website to find out more details. We are still working out the details for a video and please be sure to send us your response for our At The Table segment. The question for October is: What game do you play to get you in the mood for Halloween? 

Intro – Run for you life Candyman 1:00
Marty’s has a Brilliant Idea 2:30
RDTN Podcast Projects 7:30
Augustus Game Overview 10:00
Ted AlspachUltimate Werewolf Inquisition 15:00
Dan Yarrington 25:15
Melody – Smirk and Dagger 34:15
Sean GarrityWhat’s He Doing In There? 39:35
Square Shooters – Win $2000 42:06
In Closing 48:00

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