Episode 22: Survey says…

The Cool Stuff Inc contest has come to a close and thanks to everyone who took the time to either join our BGG guild, do an iTunes Review, or fill out the survey. If you did each of those, thank you three times.

Congratulations to Traci Weiland, the winner of our drawing. Over in the BGG forum, we got a post going to help Traci figure out on to spend that money, so if you are so inclined, give some helpful advice but she has decided on Memoir ’44 but sure the mind can be changed.

Marty and I are still reviewing the comments received and all the feedback is really helping us structure the show in the future. So in this episode we discuss Marty’s experience at Dragon Con in Atlanta,  the survey results, and and interview with Patrick Connor of Arcane Wonders.

Dragon Con .1:15
Survey Says 27:00
Patrick Connor – Mage Wars 49:26
Closeout 01:05:00

Yaya, Marty and the boys

Pretty Graphs from the survey

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