Episode 20: Post Game Wrap Up – Gen Con 2013


Stick a fork in it, Gen Con 2013 is done. Marty and I talk about a newbie’s experience at Gen Con, mine. We discuss some of the games I got to demo, some of the people I talked to, and just the overall experience.

Game: Eldritch Horror Discussion 4:30
Game: What’s He Building in There 14:30
Game: Gale Force Nine, Firefly 19:00
Gen Con Tip 1: Decide to go and commit 23:00
Gen Con Tip 2: Take a friend 26:45
Privateer Press: High Command 31:00
Dice Tower Experience 33:00
Gamers and Bikers come together 42:30
Gen Con Tip 3: You can always buy later 45:00
Fantasy Flight In-Flight Report 48:00
Catalyst Game Labs Interview 53:30
Close out 1:07:00

Since we recorded this podcast, Marty and I have had the opportunity to play Shadowrun: Crossfire Demo from Catalyst Game Labs and we are both looking forward to this one. Additional Interviews are in coming in Episode 21 so stay tuned, we will have it out shortly.

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