Episode 19: The wait is over – Gen Con

Yes, the year long wait is over and Gen Con is on us. While many of the board gaming faithful will not be able to attend, it is estimated that there will be over 41,000 people in attendance this year. And here at RDTN, I, Tony, will be in attendance for the first time. It is scary, it is daunting, and I am clueless. So Marty spends some time giving me advice and how to prepare for Gen Con in the first part of the show. We then hear from others on what games they are looking forward to and then we smoothly transition into our Top 5 games. As always, our closing thoughts include various nuggets of wisdom and more importantly how to win the $50 CoolStuffInc Gift Card.

Gen Con Food Advice 4:00
Parking at Gen Con 6:10
Bags to take to Gen Con 8:20
At the Table 12:05
Our Gen Con Top Five 18:30
Closing Thoughts 56:00
CoolstuffInc Contest Reminder 01:02:00

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