Episode 17: Emily Post – The Lost Chapters

Have you ever been playing a game and wished that they people you were playing with would just get a clue and have better manners? Of course you have, Marty and I discuss some of the things that we believe should be just common knowledge among us gamers when it comes to courtesy. Now we know that we are generally preaching to the choir here, but I know we have all been guilty of this from time to time. I know that I did a major faux pas by leaving a game near the end, but time just ran out and I should have realized that this game would not end by the time I needed to leave. To quote Gomer Pyle “Shame! Shame! Shame!”, I should have known better.

We also spend time talking about Marty’s adventures at Origins, the games we are playing (Tzolk’in, Pillars Expansion, The Duke), and a brand new segment called At The Table.

Origins Report
Games we are playing 13:00
Gamer Etiquette 20:48
Ask before touching 25:08
Put things where they belong 28:01
Take time to learn the rules 30:30
Rules Lawyer – I object!! 34:10
Lose the Cell 36:30
Finish what you started 38:10
Analysis Paralysis 39:15
Credit the Player, don’t blame dumb luck 42:45
RSVP 45:25
At the Table (New Segment) 47:50
Closeout 52:10

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