Episode 16: Love is a Battlefield

That is right, channeling some Pat Benatar for Episode 16. Over two years ago, Marty and I got involved in Warmachines. We are still only dabbling in the hobby, but it is going good so far. I will admit, there are some things that I am not a fan of in the game, but I was surprised at how much I enjoying painting the models, which I thought would not be the thing I liked about this hobby. 

We invited Steve, you know the guy that did our logo, to help us discuss miniature gaming since he has had a very long career in the hobby. We explorer the history, talk about what is going on now in miniatures, and we even have our first inadvertent embarrassing sound on our podcast.

For your listening pleasure:

History of Wargaming (in our minds)
Social Interaction in Minis
Painting – It is not a Barrier
Miniature Games – All we have tried
Terrain in Miniature Games
Historical Gamers
Rules, Rules, Rules
The New Trend – RPGing in Miniatures
Sum it up
The Funny Sound
HG Wells book on Miniature Gaming

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