Episode 14: Origins 2013 Report – Part 1

This is going to be an interesting podcast because I am not on it. Why do you ask my one fan, my niece, because Marty had an incredible time at Origins and got lots of interviews and we don’t want to sit on this too long. 

We had always planned to do an Origins show when Marty and his family returned, but it was going to come out in July. Well, some of this material is just so good it can’t wait till July. Matter of fact, I will get to listen to it at the same time as everyone else.


Episode 14 Segments:
01:37 – Catalyst Games LabsShadowrun Products
09:50 – Adventures on the Tabletop Documentary
27:20 – Cool Mini Or NotKaosball, Zombicide, Dark Age 
34:45 – Break From Reality – Damage Report, Disaster Looms
44:35 – Wizkids Games – Star Trek: Attack Wing, The Hobbit Strategy Game, Trains &Stations

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