RDTN Episode 101: The Networks, America, Quartz, and the Flying Squirrels

episode101Now that Episode 100 is in the rear view mirror, we can’t rest on our laurels. Then again, maybe we should have gone out on a high note and not released Episode 101 (Money for Nothing), but we couldn’t help ourselves. The Flying Squirrel segment is back and in it we have some mini reviews of games and some educational information.

We have a full review of the game from Formal Ferret Games The Networks. Short answer is, we like it a bunch. This game is about getting viewers for your TV station by selecting TV shows, acquiring Stars and securing Ads. The game plays fast, easy to teach, and strategy is quickly picked up by new players. If you like your lighter card drafting games with a solid theme, give this one a glance or at least get a play in.

And we would like to thank everyone who entered the @RDTNgamefail contest for $50 CSI gift card offered by the Dice Tower Network. The one that Marty and I* picked was sent in to our Facebook page from Bryan Winter. He said:

Played a one shot d&d this year for a friend’s bachelor party. This was only the 2nd time I had ever played. The group started in some northern location where the place was covered in snow and we all had to roll to see how our characters handled the harsh weather. I rolled and 1 and my character played the first hour of our adventure unconscious being carried by my fellow party members #RDTNgamefail

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:45
Flying Squirrels, 03:50
America, 04:35
TEG: Beyond the Black, 06:45
Wolf & Hound/Flag Dash/Dracula Feast, 08:50
I & Me, 11:20
Quartz, 13:05
Marty Rants again, 15:03
Safety during gaming, 17:00
Little Debbie Discussion, 18:55
American Ninja, 21:20
Portal Games-Death Breath, 23:15
The Networks, 24:15
Executive Summary, 25:00
Play Summary, 28:45
Pros, 40:38
Cons, 42:25
Final Thoughts**, 44:45
The Broken Token, 47:03
#RDTNgamefail Contest, 47:33
Outro, 59:00

*Used what I learned form this episode
**PAWNG: Plays always with Non-Gamers

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