Diamonds Tournament at MACE – Charlotte, NC, Nov. 8th

As teased in Episode 48, we are going to run a special event our local convention, MACE, in Charlotte, NC on November 8th. We are hosting a Diamonds tournament.

Diamonds is the new trick-taking game designed by Mike Fitzgerald and published by Stronghold Games. Tony is a huge fan of this game because it’s quick, easy to learn, and fun to play. So we thought it would be the perfect game for our MACE event. There are 12 slots open for this event and we’ll play multiple rounds until we have a winner.

Stronghold Games is graciously sponsoring the event and is providing two copies of Diamonds to give away as prizes. The winner of the tournament will win a copy and then we’ll do a random drawing to give away the other copy.

We also want to use this event to raise money for Gamers For Cures which is a charity ran by Dan Patriss of the Geek All-Stars podcast. There will be $1 entry fee into the tournament and you’ll be able to buy additional raffle tickets at $1 a piece in order to earn more entries into the raffle. All proceeds will go to charity.

The event will be on Saturday, November 8th from 3pm – 7pm. You must have a MACE pass to participate and you can sign up online.

So come on out, have fun, get a chance to win a great game and support a worthwhile charity. Hope to see you there!

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