Day 6: Sunday Morning Coffee and Chit Chat

     Do you have your coffee? I have mine so let’s go! So far we have discussed Party and Gateway Games. Over the next couple of weeks we will discuss Strategy Games. Before we get down to the nitty gritty I would like to give you some resources to check out. There are several websites, webshows, and podcasts that demonstrate or discuss games in detail. I will give the names of some sites that we like. Of course, you can search any game or game topic and find an endless lists of sites and resources.

     If you would like to watch a game as it is played then Will Wheaton’s Tabletop is a great webshow to watch. He has guest and they discuss the game components, rules, and then play through a game together. The show is edited to 30 minutes even though playing time may be longer. The banter between guests is fun and there is a lot of competition! Sometimes the language can be rated PG13 so watch with headphones or when you have time without children.

     If you don’t have time to sit and watch a webisode maybe a podcast is for you. There are numerous podcasts which discuss games. The Dice Tower has thousands of video reviews, podcasts and an entire network of other gaming podcasts (including my husband’s, Rolling Dice & Taking Names). Sometimes Rolling Dice & Taking Names allows me talk! I just finished a segment with a friend which will air October 22nd.

     Sometimes a website to scan through quickly is the best option. is a great go-to site. You can search any game and they will give a detailed description of the mechanics and a synopsis of the game.

     These are great resources for you to use as you find a style or theme of game that you may be interested in (because I know you are going to like these games!).  As you read through the posts involve your children or friends and ask if any of the games interest them. And then check out the game on one of the resources. Tomorrow we will start will collectible card gaming.  If you have a Pokemon fan tell them we are Gonna Catch Em All!

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