Day 30: DragonCon

     So as we approach Halloween DragonCon is the perfect convention to talk about because it is a GIANT costume party! DragonCon is held in Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day weekend. This year there were an estimated 52,000 people in attendance. DragonCon is a 24 hour a day costume party! There are also discussion panels, film festivals, and a celebrity hall! There is a gaming room for gamers to play a RPG or other pick up game. But the main focus is Cosplay.

     Some traditions people look forward to are the costume parade through downtown Atlanta on Saturday morning, the 501st legion which is a group of stormtroopers from all over the US, DragonCon TV, and costume contests! Five hotels in downtown Atlanta host the event. This was our first year going to DragonCon. We attended panels and took a lot of pictures! We had so much fun looking at costumes and watching people that we missed out on some panels. One thing that was different at DragonCon is you just show up for the panels. At GenCon, Origins, and local conventions you have to sign up ahead of time, in some cases you have to pay a fee depending on the panel and if materials are needed. Now let’s make some costumes!

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