Day 27: Sunday Morning Coffee and Chit Chat #4

   One thing I was pleasantly surprised to find at gaming conventions is a worship service on Sunday morning. I don’t know why I was surprised because gamers are an accepting and generous group. Everyone is welcomed in gaming and everyone is welcomed at a gaming worship service.

     Fans for Christ is an organization that coordinates and promotes web sites and worship services for gamers. I like the name fans for Christ because it covers any sort of fandom. You can be a fan of gaming, anime, steampunk, sci-fi, and be a fan for Christ!

     We have attended services at MACE, SCARAB, ConCarolinas, Origins, GenCon, and DragonCon. It is exciting to attend a service with people who share not only a love for Christ but also the same hobby. It is also pretty neat to see Darth Vader in a service!

P.S. I need to make a correction from yesterday. I guess I had superheroes and Spiderman on the brain when I called the food area The Green Goblin. It is The Grinning Goblin! Sorry MACE!

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