Day 25: Gaming Leads to Costuming

     In high school I made good grades in every class. Well every class but one, Home Economics. I thought how hard can it be to cook and sew? It was hard for me! I could barely thread the sewing machine. My sewing project was disastrous. I walked out of that class and forgot about sewing. I mean never to think of it again. Until…

     When we go to conventions there is one thing besides gaming that they have in common, costumes! Super heroes, pop culture characters, steampunk ladies and gents, and so many unique characters!  Do you like thinking of a costume for Halloween? Getting all the accessories and just right pieces is fun. Think of doing that all year! Voila! Cosplay! We have seen some amazing costumes! Suddenly I found myself daydreaming about costumes. Okay, I daydream a lot.

     We went to one convention this year and the whole family dressed up. There was no sewing involved but there was painting! Next year there will be sewing because I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas!  As much as I could not stand the thought of sewing in high school I am super excited about learning now! I can’t wait to get my hands on a machine and attempt to whip up some costumes. It sounds like fun to me now, especially since there are self-threading machines! Maybe next year will be 31 days of sewing costumes!

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