At the Table: Send us your answers

As we said in Episode 22, the segment we do called ‘At the Table’ was liked by the listening audience. Normally, Marty will ask a question each month at the Queen City Game Club Meetup and get audio responses and I have used an online forum to get written in responses and then just read them during the podcast. What we want to try for October is to see if anyone would be willing to send in audio clips to be included in the podcast at the end of the month. We will post a question, you record your answer and then send it us in either MP3 or WAV format. Marty will then use his mixing talents and put it all together. Answers don’t need to be long, matter of fact, 15 seconds should be long enough. You can state your name (if you want) then your answer. So, lets give this a try shall we?

Question for October: What game should be at the table to help you get into the Halloween theme?

Submit your audio recordings to

Thanks in advance and hopefully this will be the start of a recurring segment on the show, or it might be the last time we try this depending on the response. It is all up to you. No pressure.

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